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What Primary School did you attend?

Kaba Fijian School,Fiji

What Intermediate School did you attend?

Namara District School,Fiji

What High School did you attend?

Queen Victoria School,Fiji

What is your Junior Rugby or Rugby League clubs?

Tailevu Milo kaji ,Fiji.

What is your current Senior Rugby club?

Central Rugby Club , Marlborough,Tasman

What is your current provincial team?

Tasman Mako Please

List all of your past professional teams from around the world.

Fiji under 18,Fiji under 20,

When and why did you start playing rugby?

10 years old.Because something I see will be a source of income to the Family

What is your most treasured rugby memory?

Won the 2016 deans trophy in Fiji

Why did you choose to play for Moana Pasifika?

To Represent my Family and my people

What is the best piece of advice you have for aspiring rugby players?

Have goals and make sure you work hard for it

If you weren’t playing rugby, what sport would you be playing?


What are your dreams or plans for life after rugby?


What is the best coaching advice you have ever received?

Go knock someone out

How many siblings do you have?


What are your hidden talents?


Who is your favourite singer or rapper?


What is your favourite movie?

Home Alone

What is your favourite television or Netflix series?

Don’t have one

What are your favourite NBA, NFL & NRL teams?


What is your favourite bible verse?

Philippians 4:13

What is your favourite meal?

Rourou and Taro

What are your pre-match rituals or game day activities?

Coffe walk

If you could only play one song in the team changing room for the whole year, what would it be?

KKU -isa Asinate

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My Parenrs, because they make everything happen. Even when we got nothing

What are three Maori or Pasifika words that you think everyone should learn?

Pese, aloha, bula

What is your favourite Maori or Pasifika song or hymn?


What is something your mother or father always said to you growing up?

Be a good boy

What is a Maori or Pasifika proverb of whakatauki that resonates with you?

Tautua – service for each other

Who is the team clown?

Danny Toala

Who has the best style in the team?

Lotu inisi

Which of your team mates spends the longest time in front of the mirror?

Neria Fomai

Who is always on the physio table?

Sam Moli

Who is the team hype man?

Ray niua

Who is the most reliable person in the team?

Christian 4 of 5

Which team mate always has the best lunch?


Which team mate is always on social media?

Levi Aumua

If your team mates had to describe you in one word, what would they say?


If you had to vote a team mate to be the Prime Minister, who would you vote for?

Neria Fomai

Who is the best dancer in the team?

Danny Toala

Who is always in the gym pumping weights?


Who is always doing extras in the team?

Solomone Funaki

What is one word you would use to describe this team?


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