Tokoua on and off the field

Brothers Fine and Lotu Inisi will add another jersey pairing to their collection – the North Harbour and Tonga 7s teammates and brothers have both signed with Moana Pasifika for the 2022 season.

Both brothers have been with North Harbour for the past three seasons, where they have continued to grow and develop their game.

Older by just 13 months, midfielder Fine Inisi who also plays on the wing,  is deceptively quick and strong in the tackle. Fine debuted for Tonga last year, and now has three Test caps to his name.

Although younger, Lotu is taller and heavier than his brother, and his natural speed makes him an exciting prospect in the third row. He has a great eye of a gap and an opportunity from the back of the scrum and is a strong and quick worker at the breakdown.

Both young men have huge hands that stick to the ball, and both have the ideal combination of speed and strength to fend off tacklers.  Although both men are more associated with Tongan rugby, the brothers also hail from Samoan heritage.

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