Moana Pasifika goes fully-electric with new Opel partnership 

Moana Pasifika is the first Super Rugby Pacific franchise to switch to fully electric vehicles, announcing its partnership with Opel; the lowest emission German brand in New Zealand. 

The team at Moana Pasifika will be driving into the new year in the dynamic Opel Mokka Electric SUV which has zero emissions. 

This new partnership allows Moana Pasifika to take control of their va’a and forge their own path, whilst doing the right thing by the environment and promoting cleaner drives.  

Moana Pasifika CEO Pelenato Sakalia says they are proud to partner with a company whose values of sustainability, progression and authenticity align with the club.  

“We’re thrilled to partner with Opel showing our commitment to caring for the planet and the future. This ensures that our team is taken care of and doing their part to better our community on and off the field. We hope the rest of Aotearoa can get on board with us,” Sakalia says.  

Opel Commercial Manager Noah Robertson says they are honoured to play a small part in Moana Pasifika’s inspiring story and be the official vehicle provider for the team. 

“This partnership showcases the authenticity behind Moana Pasifika’s sustainability pledge and their focus on benefiting communities,” Robertson says. 

“Moana Pasifika was started uniquely as a non-profit organisation to champion Pasifika people. This makes the Moana Pasifika Super Rugby franchise unlike any other professional sports organisation in the world. Going all electric shows the depth of this focus, especially when considering climate change is a well-documented ongoing issue for Pacific Island nations,” Robertson adds. 

Opel’s Mokka Electric represents boldness and vibrancy reinforcing the company’s attitude of not being afraid to challenge the status quo.  

As a team, Moana Pasifika’s purpose is to be a rising wave, encouraging everyone to reach their full potential and succeed in all areas of life. Partnering with Opel means they can live this vision everywhere they go.  

The new car also incorporates Pacific Island patterns, staying true to the heritage of the team. 

With no Petrol costs and lower EV running costs, as well as no air or noise pollution, this move means the environment and local communities will be cleaner. 

The Mokka Electric is a car for everyone, just like Moana Pasifika is a team by the people and for the people. No matter where you come from, you can resonate with their spirit and pride. 


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