Woi Internet the latest Pasifika Business to secure a partnership with Moana Pasifika under new initiative

After the successful launch of the Pasifika business initiative to reserve an Upper Back of Jersey Position for the 2023 season, Moana Pasifika are pleased to announce a new partnership with Woi Satellite Internet (Woi).

The parent company, MMG Communications Limited New Zealand is a 100% Pasifika-owned organisation. Woi provides rural communications solutions, including internet, to homes, businesses and Government agencies in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

Excited by the work Woi is doing to enable our Pasifika people to stay connected throughout the world using the internet, Moana Pasifika Chief Executive Officer Pelenato Sakalia is appreciative of the partnership.

“When we launched this initiative, we were hoping to align with Pasifika organisations who shared the same vision to improve the lives of our people. I am proud of Moana Pasifika’s partnership with Woi and the work that they are doing in progressing the technological capacity of our Pasifika people in Aotearoa and in the Pacific.”

Woi Chief Executive Officer Richard Broadbridge said, “Our sponsorship of Moana Pasifika comes at special time for us. We’re renewing our commitment to rural Aotearoa New Zealand and have not only increased our speeds but lowered our retail prices to allow rural people to be able to access the internet. It also means Moana Pasifika fans in rural areas can stream their matches using our wifi.”

“Our new plans released this month mean there is great speed for the entire whānau to work and play at a price that is more affordable. Our product appeals to rural customers and businesses that want to buy and support local and who can’t access fibre or reliable 4G and fixed wireless.”

The WOI logo will be proudly displayed on the number 13 jersey, famously worn by the 2022 by Moana Pasifika Fans Player of the Year player Levi Aumua.

If you are interested in receiving an information pack on this unique upper back of jersey opportunity, please email ashleighw@moanapasifika.co.nz

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